Chellah Tukuta issue, is far deeper than meets the eye- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba


Chella Tukuta issue, is far deeper than meets the eye

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Recently fired diplomat,Cornelius Mulenga(Chella Tukuta) issued a statement thanking President Hakainde Hichilema for giving him a job as Deputy Editor in Charge of Photography at the Zambia Daily Mail.

The position doesn’t exist at the Daily Mail.

Permanent Secretary of Information and Media, Thabo Kawana immediately dispelled Tukuta’s assertions depicting them as delusional.

But we must remember that Thabo Kawana, Clayson Hamasaka and now Chella Tukuta were all irregularly appointed to positions that do not even exist in the approved Government Staff Establishment.

Remember there are currently more Permanent Secretaries at Cabinet Office on Special Duties than is provided for in the Establishment.

There are currently over 250 senior civil servants unfairly removed from their positions and surrendered to Public Service Managemment Division (PSMD).

We have strangers and foreigners at State House from Brenthurst Foundation and Tony Blair Foundation, illegally accessing and interacting with top secret and confidential documents and designing and implementing public policies.

We have an active combatant unit of the US Army (AFRICOM) illegally part of the Defence forces.

This trend is just a small pattern of extensive constitutional, law, regulations and procedural breaches and violations that President Hakainde Hichilema is engaged in.

President Hichilema has repeatedly expressed disdain for regulations and procedures claiming that the bureaucracy hinder his goal to foster national development.

He doesn’t realize that the regulations and procedures are an investment made for decades to prevent theft and looting of public resources and to prevent the abuse of authority and office.

From the dismissal of Lillian Shawa-Siyuni as DPP, Judges and other constitutional office holders to the violations as seen in the Kwacha, Kabushi constituency by-elections to the abuse of the Public Order Act, the violation of tender processes and attempts to steal, kill and destroy the Opposition and the Patriotic Front in particular, President Hichilema is engaged in full dictatorial and authoritarian tendencies.

I bet you that even if a President cannot appoint a junior official in a company, President Hichilema has appointed Chella Tukuta as Deputy Editor in Charge of Photography.


  1. This man also, aaweh!!! He starts with Chellah and just briefly discusses Chellah but then diverts into a horde of other Issues taking the most part of his Article. Certainly this man loves the Limelight and he believes he is the only well researched and alert Guy in Zambia. Indeed a Smart Alec! He seems to know every Topic under the Sun.


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