By Kelvin Phiri

Chief Chikanta of the Tonga speaking people in Dundumwezi constituency in Southern Province has commended the Socialist Party, Zambia for the ongoing Fred M’membe literacy campaign.

Speaking at his palace when the Fred M’membe literacy campaign team donated school materials to teachers in his chiefdom. The traditional leader expressed his gratitude that the programme had been extended to his chiefdom for the benefit of his people, especially those who were illiterate.

He said from time immemorial he had never seen a political organizations thinking that impacted the people, particularly those who were vulnerable.

Chief Chikanta also thanked the team for offering a two-day workshop to the trainers of the learners in his chiefdom.

“First, let me thank the party and its team for bringing this training to my chiefdom as it’s a first political organization to bring such development here, we really appreciate and we are even asking you to expand this wonderful program to many parts of my chiefdom and the constituency at large,” said Chief Chikanta.

Meanwhile, chief Chikanta has urged the teachers to make use of the training and ensure that the targeted beneficiaries received the requisite knowledge intended to improve their literacy levels.

“You have gotten the books and other materials which will help you teach the learners, so it’s up to us now to use this logistical support efficiently so that the people who benefit are the members of the community,” he advised.

He said the project was indicative of the party’s robust agenda in uplifting the living standards of the people.

And Fred M’membe literacy campaign team national coordinator Martha Daka has commended chief Chikanta for allowing them to launch the program in his chiefdom.

Daka assured the chief that the party would work hard and ensure that the majority of the people in his chiefdom accessed the literacy programme.

“We are happy to deliver the materials to your chiefdom and the teachers. We have come to fulfill what we promised you and the people of Chikanta chiefdom, we are also happy with the response we received from the community and the hard work which the teachers are showing us here,” said Daka

And one of the teachers, Masauso Phiri assured the team and the traditional leader that the teachers will work hard in order to reduce illiteracy levels in the area.

Phiri said the Socialist Party program was a welcome move and called on the community to join hands in the fight against illiteracy in the area.

The Fred M’membe literacy campaign team donated various teaching materials.


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