By Michael,

I thought the voice of the Chitimukulu should only be heard like that of a lion. When he speaks, the nation should shake.

He is being used as a playing field by PF. He is reducing himself so much to the unthinkable level.

Why is the Litunga so much feared by government and respected by the citizens?* Litunga only speak where necessary. He is seen only where applicable.

At times one would wonder, why did Late President Michael Sata refused ba Current Chitimukulu to be Chitimukulu? What did Sata see or know about ba Sosala?

From the acts and behavior our father is portraying now, one would conclude, there is certainly something which the PF founder saw and knew.

Our father should realize that supporting the government of the day means offering both praises and critique to the government not scandalizing the opposition.

Scandalizing political parties is for cadres and politicians where as the Chief especially at his level as Chitimukulu is a not a political cadre and he is not a politician.

He is the father of the Nation. Ba Paramount Chitimukulu should use his energy on educating the national citizenry and governance on good will not hatred.

Our Father should emulate how Paramounts Mpezeni and Gawa Undi act. The eastern men have not allowed politics and politicians to reduce them to nothing. Few weeks ago we saw Paramount Mpezeni castigating government on maize confiscation in Chipata.

We saw him offering counsel to PF MPs who are not working as expected that people won’t allow them to contest again in 2021. That’s what the Chief should do. Leave politics for politicians.

Truthful speaking, has HH ever said anything bad about or to the Chieftainship of Bene Lubemba? Certainly not. When PF was chocking Chief Chitimukulu’s throat with over 500 police beating his people and blocking him entry to the palace, who was on his side? HH was there all way defending and comforting him till he ascended to the throne.

Zambians know that the Chitimukulu is under heavy instructions from PF to dent HH. There is nothing and completely nothing wrong which HH has done to the Chief. If it’s about James Lukuku, why not parade him at palace as a child of the nation.

Why not counsel him? Shifting and involving HH in this shows how much hatred and bitterness the Chief has for HH who is innocent. The battle was between James Lukuku and him as Chief not between HH and him as Chief. If the Chief want to include HH in this fight, why is he not including the whole current PF now in the grudge he had with Sata?

One thing for sure and evident is that the Chitimukulu is being used. It’s conclusive that PF life lies in the hands of the Chitimukulu. Without ba Chitimukulu, PF is dead.

But the Chief should realize that if him is PF, he has his biological children who are UPND. He has children in his clan, BRE, Bembaland who are UPND. He has children who no longer believe in PF as at now.

I would ask our father to use his energy on national issues and development than HH. Let the Chitimukulu spend much time praising the government on good works. Let him spend much time asking about corruption, theft, FIC, Agriculture, high cost of leaving, fuel prices, tendering costs etc. These matter to many citizens.

Our father should realize that being used or being forced to be used by politicians is not his level. Politicians come and go, governments come and go but being a Chitimukulu is for life. He has to realize that he will work with different politicians and governments.

If HH wronged him or he has rumors of HH, let the Chitimukulu spell them out to him as HH. As it now the Chitimukulu is just exposing his hatred for HH. But he should know that hating HH is as good as hating his own people.



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