CHIEF Mukuni has refuted being the author of a story circulating on social media saying that if he was the Litunga, Barotseland would have been independent.

In a statement to The Mast, Mukuni of the Leya people of Kazungula, Livingstone and Zimba districts said the story is fake and slanderous.

“I wish to categorically refute a story being circulated in the social media purporting that I, Munokalya Mukuni, and the Bene Mukuni Royal Establishment, subscribe in the business of the Barotse Royal Establishment in whatever manner of form and at whatever period. This is a fake and slanderous statement that has no grain of truth and an undertaking of desperation by enemy elements of both royal establishments,” said Mukuni. “To that effect, I wish to state that the Bene Mukuni Royal Establishment and myself has never and will never be part of the Barotse Kingdom and has subsequently no moral or legal desire to be embroiled in the Barotse affairs. I, Munokalya Mukuni, and the Bene Mukuni Royal Establishment are content with being what our Kingdom is.”

In the story it is alleged that the chief said: “His Royal Highness Senior Chief Mukuni of the toka-leya speaking people which is part and parcel of the Lozi kingdom has disclosed that if he was the reigning king of Barotseland, by this time around Barotseland could have been independent.”

“Chief Mukuni was speaking at his Mukuni village when he was holding meetings with regards to the incoming event called world tourism day. Chief Mukuni wondered on what has gone wrong with the leadership of the Barotseland. Since 2012 things has drastically dropped from 95 per cent to 2 per cent from the Barotse Activists,” the story reads in part.

The story adds that when asked about what independent he meant? Chief Mukuni is alleged to have responded that: “Independent either within the boundaries of Zambia as it was earlier and stipulated in the Barotseland agreement of 1964 or total independent country.”

The story further states that Mukuni said Barotse activists have gone to sleep instead of pushing for the either restoration of Barotseland agreement of 1964 or total independence.

“They have gone quiet leaving for the plunders to continue suppressing the lozi speaking people. By this time around, the Barotse Activists or the people of Barotseland should have set a road map to either question every politician aspiring to stand for elections next year about his or her stance with regards to Barotseland. The questions should start with ward councillors up to the presidential level. But unfortunately it’s a circus that even journalists from all media houses are failing to ask the aspiring candidates….”


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