Police hold Chief Mukuni’s wife.
Police in Livingstone have detained the wife to Senior Chief Mukuni, an outspoken critic of the Zambian government.

The Police issued a call out to Mrs Mukuni, whose husband was understood to be out of town. When she reported herself to Livingstone Police station, the officers detained her demanding to know the whereabouts of the traditional leader.175371504_1110128939463307_9107845841871305051_n

Senior Chief Mukuni yesterday warned the ruling party not to excute their alleged planned arrest of opposition UPND Hakainde Hichilema. In a strong worded statement, the Chief charged that Hichilema must be allowed to exercise his right to run for public office like any other Zambian and must not be victimised or discriminated against. 175839036_1110128896129978_5870099022170354655_n

Sources say Mrs Mukuni could be detained to lure the Chief who is considered as the prime target of the Police. If this be the real reason, it is not however known what offence the Police would want to arrest the Chief for. The arrest of his wife has sent shock waves around country as people are gripped with uncertainty with what to expect if a Chief’s wife has to be detained to get at her husband.


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