Chiengi FDD member of parliament Given Katuta

WORKERS at Chiengi Constituency office in Luapula discovered faeces smeared on the office door while some of it heaped by the doorway as they reported for duty on Tuesday morning.

Chiengi member of parliament Given Katuta has, however, charged that Chief Puta must be responsible for this since he has openly declared that he doesn’t want to work with her.

On Wednesday, Katuta’s professional assistant Lackson Mwape narrated that the faecal matter was found on Tuesday morning while the law maker was away in Lusaka.

“I just decided to pass through and check the office, but before I could do anything, I had to check the entire premises outside and when I checked the outside the door, I discovered faecal matter on the lock handle. Then also saw some of it heaped on the floor. So I took some pictures of that and sent to the MP, after that, I called the police who came and witnessed the same incidence then I also reported the matter formally to the police,” said Mwape.

And Chiengi District Commissioner Davies Kasongole also confirmed the incidence, saying it had been reported to the police

“Whave taken it up now to find out who did that. But the matter has been reported to the police and they also on it now,” said Kasongole.

Meanwhile, Katuta blamed Chief Puta for the indicence.

“For me, I am hidden in Jesus Christ and I am not shaken by this. They can do whatever they want to do. But my only worry is that some people are saying what they done to the Constituency office in Chiengi is an indication that they are chasing me from that area, that’s what it means traditionally. So I don’t really know what is being communicated by that act. These are just some of the problems that we face members of parliament in the rural areas. Rural members of parliament really work under very difficult conditions and it’s difficult to foster development when you are treated like that as a leader,” lamented Katuta.

But efforts to get a comment from Chief Puta of the Bwile speaking people in proved futile by press time.

However, an audio obtained from Luapula radio, Chief Puta said he had restricted Katuta from entering his Chiefdom on grounds that the lawmaker had no respect for him.

“I have reports that she is in Chienge district conducting meetings and that she has plans to visit my Palace but I will not allow honorable Given Katuta to enter the palace. I do not want to work with a member of parliament who does recognize me as Chief,” said Chief Puta in an interview with the radio station recently. – ND


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