By Michael Nyumbu

A Man of Chief Mweemba’s Chiefdom in Sinazongwe District has sustained injuries on the knees after being flogged by the Chief’s Retainers for allegedly insulting President Hakainde Hichilema.

The Victim, Berring Dule however told Byta FM News that Chief’s Representative Benny Siamudyansi ordered for his flogging after he complained that lack of a sitting Chief in the Chiefdom has delayed development.

Dule said his call for expediency in the selection of a Chief which has been vacant for more than five years angered Siamudyansi who ordered for his punishment.

He says he was flogged ten times while covering a distance of more than 30 meters, with the Chief’s Retainers unleashing beatings on him whenever he tried to resist.

Dule says he was also fined sum of K500 on top of being beaten and flogged in the hot sun.

He believes that lacking a Chief is making it difficult for the Chiefdom to develop as there is no authority figure to speak out and call on Government to develop the area.

Meanwhile, Chief’s Representative Benny Siamudyansi however says Dule was flogged and punished for publicly insulting President Hakainde Hichilema.

He explains that Dule unleashed insults against President Hichilema for lack of development in the area.

The Traditional Leader emphasises that he will not keep quiet and see anyone insulting the Head of State in his Chiefdom.

Credit: Byta FM Zambia


  1. These same idiot chiefs kept quiet when their subjects were insulting ECL and those before him.

    We were warned about these people, we never listened.

    • Ba Indigo, you really believe that the victim was punished because he insulted HH? The victim’s version of events sounds more plausible than the chief’s version. The punishment had more to do with his complaints over delays in installing the chief.

      As for insults, PF perfected the art of insults through social media. The insults they hurled at HH are there on YouTube. The insults directed at Chishimba Kambwili and his mother by PF thugs during the Luanshya by-elections received no response from the PF police inspite of Mr. Kambwili providing details of the perpetrators.

      Ba Indigo, it is important to be objective in your criticism. Which people were you warned against? There seems to be an element of prejudice in your statement.


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