By Noel Iyombwa

THE accusation by PF acting secretary general Nickson Chilangwa that PF is fully aware of the tactics and people who helped the UPND to rig the elections is childish and coming from a political amateur, says Lusaka Province UPND youth chairperson Anderson Banda.

Interview, Banda said the accusations were retrogressive and totally malicious.

“The accusation is totally malicious and childish, so we are challenging Mr Chilangwa to name the people who helped the UPND to rig elections.

That statement is irrelevant without facts. It is an open secret that the UPND won the elections clearly and under difficult conditions brought by the former ruling party,” he said.

“If the PF want early elections, we the UPND are ready for early polls. As a party, we have fulfilled all the campaign promises such as job creation and increasing Constituency Development Fund.”

Banda said that if the PF thought the UPND rigged the elections, they were within the law to petition.

He charged that Chilangwa was hallucinating, adding that he was known not to be a politician and a public speaker.

Banda described the PF as a sinking titanic and that its members were failing to accept the results of the August 12 elections.

Speaking in Ndola at the launch of the Copperbelt women’s movement last Sunday, Chilangwa alleged that the UPND never won last year’s elections genuinely but they were helped to rig.

“UPND never won the elections genuinely and we know the people who helped them rig elections. They think we are fools. We know their tactics. UPND are liars. Zambians should worry because the President [Hakainde Hichilema] assumed office through lies,” said Chilangwa.
“President Hichilema should go back to the people and apologise. He said the cost of living will come down but things are getting worse and he knows Zambians won’t give him another mandate. That’s why he is even failing to move into State House.”


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