Chile One’s Wife Found With Case To Answer In The Case She Is Accused Of Murdering Her Husband

Richard Mbulu a.k.a Chile One


Kitwe High Court has found Annie Monta with a case to answer in the case she is accused of murdering her husband, Richard Mbulu, also known as Chile One, in April 2022 in Kitwe.

The State called 17 witnesses, who all testified against Monta, with Mbulu’s sister-in-law, Esnart Zulu, narrating how she found her brother-in-law sitting near his bedroom door with a hole in his stomach minutes after they heard a gunshot.

Ms Zulu said Monta later requested her to take Mr Mbulu to the hospital, where he revealed to her that he had been shot before he was pronounced dead.

She said Monta earlier confided in her about her husband’s extra-marital affair and the beatings that he used to subject her to.

His brother, Stanslous Mbulu, also testified that Monta was his brother’s second wife and that his brother once introduced another woman to him in 2021 as his wife.

During final submissions, the prosecution said they had overwhelming evidence against Monta.

The defence team, on the other hand, argued that the prosecution did not have enough evidence against Monta. But Kitwe High Court Judge Everisto Pengele said evidence before him implicates Monta.

“I, therefore, find the accused person with a case to answer and I put her on defence for murder,” Judge Pengele said.


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