PRESIDENTIAL aspirant Kelvin Bwalya Fube says some people in the PF leadership are backward.

And Fube says President Edgar Lungu, who has been trying to be political, should suspend or drop health minister Chitalu Chilufya.

In an interview on Hot FM’s Hot Seat programme on Thursday, Fube, who is popularly referred to as KBF, bemoaned the low quality of current members of parliament.

“Half those people in Parliament, sorry to say, some of them don’t even know how to read. I am sorry to insult some of them but I know it’s a fact. You remember before 2016 my old man ba Sata said, “my MPs are useless”, and some of them are back there, the same useless people…let’s be serious,” Fube said.

“I am not moved because someone holds a position. I am moved because the quality of discourse that I am going to have with somebody, the quality of interaction that I am going to have with somebody, the mindset is what I am interested in. Some of these people have come here and told you that I am number one bootlicker; you want to hear that from a minister? Just be real…is that the quality we are talking about? If you are a bootlicker, keep it in your mind, we don’t want to hear it, pretend you can think. There is a saying that when a fool keeps quiet, even the wise men think he is wise but when you speak…hallelujah! Some of us love thinking but for some people thinking is painful.”

And Fube, who is also an accomplished attorney, said Dr Chilufya must be dropped.

“I don’t believe that my brother Chishimba Kambwili was given that opportunity, I don’t think my sister Emerine Kabanshi was given that opportunity. So, why [are] Chitotela and Chitalu Chilufya being given that privilege? These are double standards,” he said.

“Be principled and be equal to everybody. Don’t show that you are discriminating in your leadership, that’s what I see here; there is a problem. The President is being selective. With the greatest respect to my brother, my learned colleague, President of this country, he has been selective on that score, it’s wrong. Be presidential and political; drop him and if you need him bring him back.”

Fube said allowing Dr Chilufya to be in office amid corruption charges intimidates law enforcement officers.
Meanwhile, Fube warned that when a government begins to annoy the youths and they begin to think and feel they have no option but to go to the bush then that regime is digging its own grave.

He mocked the PF government that the youths who were denied a permit to stage a peaceful protest beat the police to their own game when their activity took place in the bush and was viewed by millions of people.

“Let me give some advice to my young brother the Minister of Home Affairs, honourable [Stephen] Kampyongo, there is no need to abuse state machinery. You have the police in full force driving up and down the streets of Lusaka as if there are riots going on, there is no need. When you begin to annoy the youths and they begin to think and feel they have no option but to go to the bush, you are digging your own graves and the grave of your political party,” said Fube.

“The youths talk to each other on social media and that’s how they were able to beat you at your own game. You went in town, parading motor vehicles, armored vehicles, dressed combats, looking so foolish but the youths were dancing somewhere else and had 300,000 people watching them on Facebook. How foolish can you be! You can have a virtual rally in this day and age. That is why some of these people in the PF leadership are backward, they think it’s’ those old days. Teku Shiwang’andu kuno iyo (This is not Shiwangándu). Let’s start changing our system of approach and if you don’t know what to do ask, some of us are ready to educate you. I am not trying to insult my young brother Kampyongo here, I am just advising but he should change his tactics. His language has become confrontational, his language has become aggressive, even to his fellow members.”


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