Chilufya Tayali assaults female Police officer, Malama Melody of Chilenje Police Station

Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

ECONOMIC and Equity Party (EEP) leader Chilufya Tayali has been charged and arrested for hitting a female police officer who was on duty on the face with a kettle at Chilenje police station whilist in custody.

Zambia Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the incident happened today in the hours of 08:00hours in the morning.

“Brief facts of the matter are that the wife to the suspect brought food and she was requested by the female police officer on duty to taste it as a procedure when someone brings food for suspects in custody. Then the Suspect got annoyed and said that you think my wife can poison me? From there he got the food and threw it on the floor and later on got a kettle and hit the female officer on the face. She sustained a swollen and painful face,” he said.

Mr Hamoonga has warned the general public that an assault on an individual police officer on duty is an assault on the entire Police Service.

“Such unlawful acts against any Police officer on duty shall not be tolerated as persons committing such unlawful acts shall be made to face the full wrath of the law as by law established,” he said.


  1. Oh yes, they really wanted him to do something like this so that they have a real case against him. Ndipo we’re now a true banana republic.

    • Who wanted him to do something like this? We all know who Tayali is; this time he can’t blame anyone but himself. Some days ago, a wife of a prisoner was caught with dagga in the porridge. So whatever the Police Officer wanted to do was procedural.
      People must learn to account for their actions and stop blaming others, HH was arrested several times, but did you hear him assaulting or insulting Police officers?

      • Katana, I actually was also thinking the same. Now they have something solid to shut him up for 2 to 3 years, maybe more, with hard labour.

        The only thing the wife will be able to take to him while in prison is vaseline. Lots of it. Just as well we got delivery of new stock recently.

  2. Tayali must learn that is an offence to harm a person in Uniform. Please arrest him for that crime. Dont demand money but throw him in prison for 18 months.

  3. Arrogance and lack of strategic thinking can be devasting. Wise counsel is desperately needed by some of our politicians.

    They still don’t know that confrontation does not mean being arrested day and night. You can be effective and heard while being protected by the law. Why break it and expect to be out of jail. It is not possible. Especially, in an era where the rule of law of upheld. Why not leverage on it. It’s redundant to flow against the tide right.

    Smart thinking is uncommon. How many times do you want to be arrested until you find out that you can work within the law and still be effective.

    This is not rocket science. Hope some day soon you will figure out this simple matrix. Going in and out of prison does not prove you are important or strong, it just means you sleep in a jail for being disobedient that’s all.

    Great men and women die jail ( not a apply for bail) for an ideal which they believe in. You appear to be paying a price for being naughty and arrogant. Big difference here.

  4. Dear me, is this a president of the opposition political party – a government in waiting ? Behaving like lunatic ! Chilufya Tayali is a savage. Sometimes I wonder some opposition political parties are genuine. They exist purely for fun. Such people should be handled with strength, maximum punishment for them to realize that laws should be respected. We are tired of such arrogance. Throw the fellow in jail without fine option otherwise they will never learn.

  5. This is frustration.From being away from home
    For all this time and straight in cells.He can’t
    Get it out on the officer.Now the case is even
    Worse unless he settles with the officer.From
    Friying pan into the fire.

  6. Idiots will say HH asked dog tail to assault a police oifficer. the truth is this idiot has just booked for himself, by himself and with himself a quick ticket into prison.All other cases he has to answer will be done from prison and any prison sentences he will get, will be extended from his prison house number. The idiot deserves even more punishment than he is getting as a result of the rule of law. STU PID IDI OT

  7. This man thinks he is a super star but I tell you the truth one day one of these cases will land him in jail, you can not be in and out of police cells court rooms winning all the time,one simple case will land him jail time, he will appeal but the higher court will uphold the ruling, just wait and see


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