By Simon Mwewa Lane

Many of you recall the time that Tayali claimed that the Bailiffs came to his house and they grabbed all of his house-hold belongings because he owed someone a huge amount of money. After Tayali posted this bogus story, a few people with political connections felt sorry for Tayali and they reached out to assist him.

Tayali was asked how much money he owed and he promptly responded by mentioning a colossal amount of K150,000….the sympathizers asked Tayali to show them proof of the transaction…but the married man couldn’t provide the proof…so the sympathizers decided to give him K80,000.

To this day, no proof was ever availed by Tayali.

After receiving that K80,000, Tayali went to Ethiopia.

This is the type of person that we are dealing with…a calculating, master manipulator that will go to great lengths to feign calamity just to gain public sympathy with the aim of fraudulently obtaining money from people that buy his brand of hogwash.

We see through this cunning serpent and one day soon…he will get his comeuppance




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