“Am very disappointed with Edgar Lungu. From the statement that he made [during national press day] and the conduct of the police, it somehow confirms that president Edgar Lungu has been supporting [Innocent] Kalimanshi.”

“Edgar Lungu is actually the supporter and funder of Kalimanshi, and [funding Kalimanshi] is hypocritical for a president who has been talking agaisnt violence because Kalimanshi is a personification¬†of violence, hooliganism and anarchy in this country and It is very sad that such kind of a person is associated with the president.”

“The same way there are fingerprints of HH on the Phelunas is the same way there are fingerprints of Edgar Lungu on Innocent Kalimanshi.”

“When Kalimanshi went with GBM to UPND, he had cases in Court, when he came back to PF, they ignored those cases and he has continued to conduct himself in a very anarchical way to a point of taking a procession wearing a prohibited military attire in the street which people in PF have even been talking against but Kalimanshi does it.”

“Can a Political party or an individual do that?

“Kalimanshi has gone out to insult leaders, women and senior government officials [such as Davies Mwila and Home affairs Minister even at the court premises]. Where does he get the audacity and authority if not from the president?”

“When the police arrest Kalimanshi and they take him to court, Kalimanshi is always defended. Who defends him? Who pays for the lawyers if not president Edgar Lungu?”

“By the fact that somebody gives me a piece of bread, it doesn’t mean that I will start worshipping that person. It is Good that keeps me.”

“And in this case, president Edgar Lungu, this [thing of associating yourself with Kalimanshi and funding him] is very wrong and unacceptable because you are the head of state and a republican president, you can not be funding Kalimanshi. [Funding Kalimanshi] is fueling anarchy and chaos in a country. Why are you keeping Kalimanshi in a militia form?”

“Kalimanshi intimidates people, inconveniences and insults people. It is a shame that he is being associated to state House.”

“Kalimanshi has money. To organise people you need resources and for him to fund those people he calls “ama soldier”, he needs resources. No military can run a military or platoon without resources. Where does Kalimanshi get the money Because he has more money now than he had in UPND.”

“And to sign it off and co


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