Chilufya Tayali needs help big time

Training to become a catholic priest isn’t something that you dream of and offer yourself to save the people. Catholic priests are some of the respected men worldwide. Their training is one of the most difficulty training one can take. It requires a full transformation, to understand that you shall be a shepherd of God. You shall not favour one person over another including your family.

It has been reported that young men who drop half way the training finds settling back into the society difficulty. This does affect ones mental been. The author isn’t aware whether young men who drop out of the course do get counselling.

Over the years, our brother Chilufya Tayali’s behavior has been an embarrassment to the Christian world. We thank God that Tayali did not become a priest. It was God’s intervention that Tayali had to drop off.

The community would have expected a high level of behaviour from Mr. Tayali. Unfortunately, his behaviour has not been that good. Due to his carelessness and failing to observe what he was taught. Tayali was once accused of sexual attack. The narration of the event left many people bemused. He narrated how he always carried a condom with him.

Since chilufya Tayali dropping off the catholic priest training, he has defamed a number of noble citizens including the incoming president whom he had to apologise to. He did the same thing to Mr. Simon Mwewa. He later called Mr. Mwelwa’s mother to apologise.

Reading through his Facebook post, we are left to wonder what type of a grown up person Chilufya Tayali is?

It will be interesting if Tayali can tell the world what he knows about the current conflict in Ethiopia. Perhaps he can tell us which city his wife is from and which city she was visiting this time and for what reason?

Lastly, we ask those who are close to Chilufya Tayali to offer him counselling. Please let him narrate everything about his life and help him where you can. The man is still young and he needs to remember his Catholic priesthood foundation teachings which forbid telling lies or siding with people who you know are not good for the country.


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