Unfortunately for him, he will die bitter, frustrated and financially crippled.

In his ill prepared press conference earlier today, he had the audacity of saying, “I only want clean people on the ballot” Here’s my question. Who died and made him KING? In what capacity does he make such a baseless and non-essential statement?

A man who spends his time walking the corridors of the Magistrates Court because he’s either being sued or he has sued someone. A man who spent a good part of 2015 defending himself against charges of rape. A man who is on record as having spent time transporting sex workers from one hotel to another.

A man that created a false narrative about being raided by ballifs when in actuality, it was just a scheme and ploy to gain public sympathy in exchange for financial assistance so that he could travel to Ethiopia to participate in a fake Facebook wedding.

Tayali defrauded his sympathisers. When they asked him to produce the evidence that showed who he owed and the exact amount…Tayali failed and floundered on both counts.

This is the man today that is standing on the mountain top demanding that only clean people appear on the ballot? Tayali is anything BUT clean. The filth that taints his being is unwashable. He stands in the sewage of his own debauchery. He’s a K9 [ canine ] that eats his own vomit then regurgitates it once again.

And let’s be clear…Tayali will not contest in 2021.

He neither has the skill nor the resources to perform such a feat. The circus and the drama that he created at ECZ when he failed to file his Mayoral Papers was indicative of how shallow and inadequate he is.

He is less than…he falls way below the bottom of the political food chain.

I am convinced that this leprechaun will not grow old. He will not have the privilege of be being referred to as a senior citizen because he won’t be with us for very long. I am not God but I can confidently say…his end draweth nigh.




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