China’s debt outlook due to slowing economy


China has a lot of debt and it’s becoming more risky because their economy is slowing down and they have a crisis with property. This is according to a top credit ratings agency.

Moody’s said the government’s debt is risky and could cause financial problems.

The company is worried about the problems in the second biggest economy in the world.

China said it was sad about the decision, but said the economy is strong.

The country wants to spend more money to help its economy because many young people can’t find jobs, global demand for its products is lower, and the property market is getting worse.

Some of the biggest building companies in the country are in financial trouble and have stopped working, leaving customers stuck.

Cities and towns have taken out a lot of loans to build things like roads and bridges. They also depend on selling land to make money. But now they are having a hard time with money.

Moody’s thinks that helping local governments and state-owned businesses could cause big problems for China’s money, economy, and organizations.

China’s financial strength and reputation could be harmed if they agree to take on some of the debts. It would be expensive for them.

Moody’s might lower China’s credit rating, which tells investors how risky it is to invest in China’s bonds and other debts, and helps lenders decide on interest rates.

The US has borrowed a lot of money, and its credit rating has been lowered in the past few years.

Right now, Moody’s still gives China a good A1 rating for its long-term national debt. This is a strong grade, just a little lower than the US and UK.

It said that the government is expected to handle its economic problems in an organized way.

China’s finance ministry said that the country’s future looks the same and they believe they can handle the effects of the housing market slowing down.

China’s overall economy is getting better and improving in a good way, it said. Moody’s doesn’t need to be concerned about how well China’s economy will grow or if it will have enough money.

After many years of its economy growing by more than 8% every year, China is expected to grow by 5. 4% this year However, the amount of growth is expected to decrease to 3. 5% by 2028, as predicted by the International Monetary Fund.

International economic organizations have said that the decrease in China’s economy will have a bad impact on the world economy in the future. This will especially affect areas like sub-Saharan Africa, where there has been a lot of investment from China.


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