IN ORDER to prevent their partners from cheating on them, some Chinese wives have reportedly been secretly feeding their husbands medicine that causes male impotence.

An article exposing some Chinese wives’ actions—secretly feeding their husbands diethylstilbestrol, a synthetic estrogen which can prevent men from achieving an erection—has been widely circulating on social media recently.

According to the article on WeChat, some women bought the medicine through online shops and secretly mixed it into their husbands’ meals and drinks. Some unfaithful husbands apparently did stop cheating on their wives after they consumed the medicine.

The article revealed some female netizens’ positive remarks on the efficacy of the medicine, which was identified as carcinogens by the World Health Organization.

“The medicine took effect just two weeks after I started feeding it to my husband. Now he basically stays at home, behaving himself well,” a screenshot from a female netizen said.

After the article went viral, the medicine was taken off the “shelves” of online shops as of Monday morning when Global Times reporters searched on popular e-commerce platforms.

According to Xiaoxiang Morning Herald, some shops still secretly sell the medicine in the form of white powder which is odorless and instantly soluble in water. A shop previously sold the medicine to over 100 customers in a month.

The shop assistant claimed that it usually takes 15 days to take effect. Men’s ability to achieve an erection can return to normal 21 days after they stop taking it.

Legal experts, however, reminded the wives that they could face criminal responsibility if their husbands are physically severely injured, and online shops prosecuted if they don’t have the relevant medical sales licenses and are suspected of illegal business. source:

Credit: Globaltimes


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