Andrew Lubusha Vs Vincent Mwale


The adoption of an area member of parliament for CHIPANGALI has become a talk of the day for it is more like a fight between two elephants,
Vincent who has served as area member of Parliament for the past 3 terms is seeking for another term of five years while Lubusha who says he is the “pure breed ” of PF wants to take over.

This FRACÁS has come into play because of the failed bill 10.
(Particularly the Delimitation of CHIPANGALI district into two constituencies namely Chipangali East and Chipangali west)

It was agreed that Lubusha would take on Chipangali East which is a small portion of CHIPANGALI while Vincent was to continue with the Western part which is bigger, because Vincent was/is more popular and more able to handle it but Delimitation failed and Lubusha decided to Challenge Vincent Mwale saying Vincent has failed to deliver to the people.

The fear now is that if Lubusha is left out, then he will stand as an independent Mp to Challenge Vincent and many think Lubusha will carry the day but this is not true.

Here are the reasons why;

1. Lubusha is only popular on the eastern part of CHIPANGALI where he’s been working while Vincent is popular in all parts of CHIPANGALI *(Sisinje,Msandile,Madzi a tuwa,Kasenga,nthope,Lukhuswe).*

2.CHIPANGALI is mainly dominated by the chewas and history will show you that ngonis have been finding difficulties to win in CHIPANGALI…

*Lubusha is not even ngoni but bemba…* We know it is One Zambia One Nation but if you choose to field in a Banda in Monze or Luanshya then we can all say you are as intelligent as Isaac Newton who was able to explain gravity to us; we hope those who want to field in Lubusha will explain the gravity of tribe in a given area on a contesting candidate.

Yes, His mother comes from Mgwazo village in CHIPANGALI but isn’t enough pull.

3. Even though half of the chewa chiefs are for Lubusha, not that they want him to win but that they are dipping their hands in Lubusha’s pockets and they don’t want PF but Upnd *(This is not a secret)*

Upnd will field in an indigenous person with an indigenous surname and they will be able to beat Lubusha *especially when they bring out his other illicit activities.*

Vincent has a clean name and may not be loved by one or two chiefs but he is a darling to the people.

4. Vincent’s name is known in every corner of CHIPANGALI, from *Mpata za Noah to Kapatamoyo, From Undi village to Chafisi*
while Andrew Lubusha is just popular at Mugubudu, Kapasa and Kaulembe Trading areas.

It is like being so popular at Soweto market, Kulima tower and Chaisa market and thinking you can be Mayor of Lusaka…

Lubusha has the noisiest followers even on social media but most of them are not from CHIPANGALI but Chipata where Lubusha resides.

Real CHIPANGALI residents don’t even make noise on social media are busy transporting Soya beans and Tobacco to JTI.

Go on the ground and talk to them one on one and they will explain how Vincent has changed CHIPANGALI which was a bush to a constituency which is even making heads roll in the MCC.

CHIPANGALI was just another outskirts constituency in Chipata District but it is during Vincent’s time that it was declared a district, and a Civic Centre was built, Secondary schools have been built, many health centres have been upgraded, not to mention the primary schools and many roads have been done but Lubusha has used his cleverness to make every roadworks look like he’s the one doing it.

5. Apart from just the money Lubusha has been ditching out to CHIPANGALI residents, there’s much to talk about him while Vincent has been helping CHIPANGALI residents since 2006.

It is Vincent Mwale who has Given CHIPANGALI a face even though we have heard people saying it is very underdeveloped.

Well, it is underdeveloped if you’re comparing it with urban constituencies like Chipata Central…but for fairness sake, compare it with Kasenengwa, Lusangazi, Chasefu, Lumezi…

6.Adopting Lubusha will be like giving the constituency to UPND on a silver plater. Most residents, if not all, don’t even know the Lubusha name…
They will be busy looking Andrich on the ballot paper and they will end up voting for any Banda, Mawere, Zulu, Kamanga…
This is not tribalism but the reality you will find in all rural areas.

By Eagle ’31


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