Mwaice wandi Chishimba Kambwili wisakamana. Natwishiba ifilechitika napali ubwafya natupamona.

Ubunkalwe, akapatulula, ubuchenjeshi nabumano kuikwatila tafitwala nangu kumo. Nomba wisakamana pantu aba bantu ni mbula buyo. Tapali eko baleya!

Elyo kabili 2026 taili patali, tukesailubula fwebene, nokubalanga efyo ubuntu bwine bwine bwaba, nefyo ichalo chitekwa mu mutende nobunonshi.

Nakalebalika munyinane!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Ba Mmembe kabilitakwaba ishina muchibemba nangu mu Zambia ilitampana same letters kwati lya chisungu -Iloyd etc.
    Lelo ukwisa kulyashi lya bakambwili, please tachawama ukusalula umutunduwabanene.
    Kambwili deserve it and in fact he was supposed to go in for 1year 6 months.
    This is Zambia and not a divided Zambia.
    Mukwai politics is not using succustic language, but rather sell your manifestal and criticise with normalcy and not abusively.
    Talk sense and don’t talk nonsense.

  2. Ba Boss M’membe, nga naukwata umulandu, nangu usakamane, nangu ukane ukusakamana, ni cimo cine. Under PF, tribalism, hate speech and rediculing of people on tribal grounds reached alarming and very dangerous levels and they had full blessings of the party and its government. A tribalist and hate speech preacher under PF was treated and honored more than a Minister. Imagine being given a personal to holder helicopter for two to three months, you are just flying around the northern circuit spewing hate speech Venom on innocent Southerners. If only he had stopped after apologizing to the people, all this unfortunate incidence could not have happened because the people forgave him. But we don’t know what demon comes into him , he started again especially after leaving the alliance. Nangu walimupata umuntu, kuti uletukila kumo no mutundu wakwe onse? Aikona mani.

  3. Fyakuifwaila. And jail won’t reform this ape. Mmembe once warned HH about the dangers of courting Kambwili that, he was not as tamemable as GBM. Today they meet in bed. Prostitutes!

  4. Fuledi is a fraud. Oh how he loves illegal things. Tax evader supporting wrong doing , supporting fellow tribalist umwine wachisushi.


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