Chongwe thief swallows bullet

A THIEF of Chongwe specialised in unscrewing tyres, mirrors, radios and other parts from cars yesterday made a daring escape from justice with a bullet neatly tucked in his stomach.

According to Danny Mwale, Police deputy spokesperson, the yet-to-identified thief in the company of about three others attempted to ransack the motor vehicle of Bizwell Tembo, 67 of Chongwe.

However, just when the night was handing over duty to the morning at about 02:00 hours, Tembo heard the clanking noises of the thieves’ spanners and went outside his house to put a lid on the criminal mischief.

However, despite being confronted by the owner, cheeky thieves stood their ground demanding to finish their ‘job’ and baptised Tembo in a storm of stones.

Unknown to the illegal car breakers, Tembo who had a Baikal 9mm pistol in his possession responded to the stones with quick bursts of volleys of bullets aimed at the thieves.

In the ensuing battle, of the three thieves, one was hit in the abdomen, fell down and screamed in pain for his dear mother to come to his aid.

Not sure whether the situation was clear, Tembo maintained his distance from the criminals which however allowed the injured thief to rise up and disappear into the desert of wonders to seek healing.

Meanwhile, Police have asked the public to be on the lookout for anyone who would present gunshot wounds and report accordingly so that he could be arrested.


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