Lusaka-Friday 1st December 2023

Patriotic Front Vice President, Hon. Given Lubinda with other officials are at Lusaka Central Correction Facility (Chimbokaila) waiting for the release of former State House Special Assistant for Politics, Christopher Zumani Zimba.

Zimba and three others have been acquitted of terrorism charges.

The four were accused of being behind the gassing incidences in 2020.

Delivering judgment this morning, Lusaka High Court Judge, Koreen Mwenda-Zimba, said the prosecution had failed to adduce evidence to prove that the accused were involved in terrorism activities.


  1. At least justice under new dawn govt. I am neither a PF member nor their sympathisers but i am for people accused getting a quick court appearance si rhat they are either acquitted and freed if not guilty, or serving their well deserved jail sentences.

    • He will get compensated by the next president. He was just being used as a pawn to get at ECL. They never had a case. No one will get jailed under Hakainde. His mission is to just disrupt his opponents and detain them here and there. This will cost tax payers a lot because the next president will surely compensate them.

  2. Now you have a DPP who is boasting about his failures? How can you explain the fact that Zambians where gassed, but by nobody? How will ever know the real gassers when even those who were purported to have been gassers are said to be innocent?

    Perhaps this country should be surrendered to another country as a colony. STUPID IDIOTS.

  3. So how much will he be given for false arrest and imprisonment. According to how this government is dishing out money, he should not get less than K5 million.

    • He not a Tonga or UPND member. So he is not eligible for compensation under Hakainde’s rule.

      He just needs to wait until change of government in 2026.

      • If his rights were infringed he should sue and will get his due compensation. But we are insisting no more “consent judgements. The cases must go through the due process of the law. Chifukwa really those that were brutalised by Kaizer Zulu should have sued Kaizer not the govt.


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