By Douglas Gumbi Jere
1.Mchelile Ntuto Jele: Son of Ntuto Mphezeni Jele and Queen Mtizwa Soko, Mchelile was the first Inkhosi Nzamane. He married up to 18 wives. His Great Wife was Makumbi Nzima from Ndima village of the Madzimawe Chiefdom. Its Queen Makumbi who birthed Inkhosi Mchelile’s Crown Prince who was named Chazemba Mchelile Jele.

Inkhosi Nzamane he died in 1919/1920. He had collapsed at a place called Nkhuti, between the Kanyawa Stream and present day Chilobwe Village. It is the Qwabes (Khawes) who had lifted him after he collapsed whilst coming from Nkhuti where he used to store his valubles. The body was taken to his palace and he was buried near the Kanyawa stream not far from his palace.

2. Chazemba Mchelile Jele succeeded his father in 1920 and started his reign Inkhosi Nzamane II. He married Mayase Sakala who had a son who was named Kuku Chazemba Jele. The Inkhosana was born in March 1924. Inkhosi Chazemba reigned for 39 years and died on the 20th Septemeber, 1959; he was buried three days later on the 23rd of September 1959.

3. Kuku Chazemba Jele who had worked mostly in the Mines in Zimbabwe and Zambia succeeded his father in 1960 and began to reign as Inkhosi Nzamane III. He reigned for 36 years and died in 1996.

4. Tyson Kuku Jele: He succeeded his father (Nzamane 3) in 1998 and is the current Senior Inkhosi Nzamane IV.
Attached: Prince Mashati Jele with his wife (Tomaida Jele), daughter (Princess Helen Jele) and grandchildren. He was the young brother of Inkhosi Kuku Jele. Prince Mashati was born on 15th Jannaury, 1927.

The Author is a Ngoni from Zambia who hails from the Nzamane chiefdom (Mfumbeni Isibaya). He was born in Mphezeni’s Ngoniland and grew up mostly in the Kazimule and Chikando areas where he did much of his primary school. He is currently a resident in Lusaka, Zambia.


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