Church attack results in death of Catholic priest in US


A priest from the Catholic church in Nebraska was killed in an attack at the church rectory.

The police found Reverend Stephen Gutgsell and the person who attacked him in the church after they received a 911 call on Sunday morning in the small Fort Calhoun community.

The 65-year-old priest died in a hospital in Omaha after being attacked.

The police caught the suspect at the church and took them to jail.

They decided to call him Kierre Williams, who is 43 years old and lives in Sioux City, Iowa.

He was taken into custody because they think he may have killed someone and used a weapon to do it.

In 2007, Rev Gutgsell became famous for admitting he stole $127,000 from a different church.

He was told to be good for a while, given money to repay, and moved to another church.

Church leaders said that Rev Gutgsell had understood and corrected his actions. Washington County Sheriff Mike Robinson, who is looking into the attack, said that police don’t think his death is connected to the case.

The priest’s brother, another priest named Michael Gutgsell, also broke the law and admitted to stealing a large amount of money last year.


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