Judith Mulenga CiSCA Acting Chairperson

By Balewa Zyuulu

The Civil Society Constitution Agenda- CISCA- says following the death of Chief Justice Ireene Mambilima, the law provides for the Deputy Chief Justice to act.

There have been concerns from various stakeholders on the what will happen during the swearing in of elected President after the august 12 general election since parliament is dissolved.

But CISCA Vice Chairperson Judith Mulenga explains to phoenix news that despite parliament being in dissolution, there will be no legal vacuum because the law is clear on the functions of a deputy chief justice who will now assume the role of chief justice.

Ms. Mulenga says as enshrined in article 137 of the constitution, the President has the powers to appoint for any judge from the high court to act as Deputy Chief Justice.



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