By Balewa Zyulu

The Civil Society Constitution Agenda –CISCA- says contrary to claims by some stakeholders, Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 of 2019 was not going to sort out the current constitutional crisis that the country is facing.

Zambia has seen an increase in the number of parliamentary candidates withdrawing from the August 12th race, the latest being Chawama Constituency parliamentary candidate under Leadership Movement Party, a situation which is likely to force the electoral commission of zambia to call for fresh nominations as provided for by the law.

CISCA Chairperson Judith Mulenga however tells Phoenix News that the lacunas in the constitutions can only be refined by a thorough constitutional amendment process.

Ms. Mulenga says the lacunas are also a testament of the speedy manner in which the constitution was amended as it was not fully subjected to constitutional experts to bring about coherence.
She is of the view that going forward, the Zambian constitution will require ample time to address all the ambiguities.


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