CITIZENS’ HERO APPRECIATION PROGRAM (Braveheart Robby & other two)

Miles Sampa

Miles Sampa, writes

CITIZENS’ HERO APPRECIATION PROGRAM (Braveheart Robby & other two)

I have had numerous requests that I undertake a fundraising venture to raise funds from willing citizens towards our young man hero Robby Chitambo.

Young at 20years old, he was key in rescuing Pamela and other 12 girls out of their 8 months abduction ordeal.

This venture meant to be similar to the successful fundraising project we undertook a few months ago for our 400m champion Muzala Samukonga when citizens appreciated him with a total contribution of circa K70,000.

Our role is to respond and give the people what they demand. Donate towards the BraveHeart Robby so as to appreciate his unique acts that has resolved the emotional pain of the girls, parents and Nation at large.

This more so that it will encourage residents in most of our compounds and locations in all Constituencies to be alert and help curb crime. They will be aware than ordinary citizens may appreciate them handsomely if they go an extra miles to help or rescue another citizen or citizen out of all sort of physical, mental and emotional form of torture.

We are aware young Robbie was assisted in the rescue by two other boys or so. Fundraiser will therefore be shared equally amongs all the other youths that responded to Robbie’s call of support to rescue the girls.

We also note the girl who risked jumping the wall fence out of the hostage house to access Robby across the road for SOS help. I am however constrained to include her in this fundraising Ubuntu venture as her circumstances and disposition are still under Police investigations.

We wish to stay clear of the ongoing police investigations so that when they eventually announce their full findings, it would have been free of any interference from any one of us be it individually or collectively. Speaking from experience here as some may find it fit to find room for evil propaganda.

Therefore please donate to young Robbie and other two boys on the following numbers ;

MTN : 0964007007 (Miles Sampa)
Airtel : 0973516192 (Chaze Mwale-my PA)

Those that wish to donate in person may text or Whatsup so. We will meet them in person if they so wish.

This fundraising project will run for the next 7 days and as per usual, We will avail periodic updates (after obtaining individual consent) of names and amounts contributed.

As not to ask anyone to do what I cannot do, I start with a K5,000 contribution nganafola (on my pay day from the Speaker).

Please play your part in appreciating our young Robbie and other two so as to promote citizen vigilance in ensuring security in our various residences. This more so if it’s to protect vulnerable innocent girls from evil minded boys or men predators.

In advance Zikomo, Twalumba, Litumezi, Ngachili, twatotela, ensha Kaufela (thank you) 🙏🏽

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