Clifford Mulenga advises Hazel Nali


Clifford Mulenga advises Hazel Nali with the following words:

“A wise man once said nothing. Our circumstances are totally different but I understand the emotions you are going through. You feel abandoned. The very same people you thought would stand up for you are quiet. You have so many emotions running through your mind, you have so much to say, you feel you have the right to vent and expose others and yes you are right but at the end of the day it’s a team sport and the group will always win.”

“So whether the team goes on to do well like in my situation {2012} or they don’t do well, your feelings and actions will only matter to you. My advice to you Hazel Nali is stay calm and silent. Wish your friends well and support them to do well in the World Cup Tournament. We all make mistakes. Above all, don’t blame yourself or anyone else for what you are going through right now. Don’t forget where you come from.”

“I’m here if you need to talk to someone that understands what you are going through and won’t judge you.Forget about what people who have never been in your situation are saying.


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