Coach Bruce Mwape Believes His Copper Queens Team Will Bounce Back After Suffering A Humiliating 5-0 Defeat

Copper Queens


Do you still have hope like Coach Bruce Mwape?”

In a post-match interview, Coach Bruce Mwape expressed his disappointment at Zambia’s performance but remained optimistic about their chances in the Women’s World Cup. Despite suffering a heavy defeat, Mwape sees the match as a valuable learning experience for his side.

“Our team made a lot of mistakes which made us concede all those goals,” Mwape said, reflecting on the match against Japan. “But it’s not the end of the world, we still have a chance. We can go back and plan for the remaining two games. I am sure we can still come back and fight for a position to qualify for the next round.”

Zambia’s first-ever World Cup match did not go as planned, as they failed to make any attempts toward the Japanese goal throughout the game. Their only corner came in the 85th minute, highlighting the team’s struggles to create scoring opportunities. In contrast, Japan was relentless in their attack, managing 26 shots on goal, with 10 of them on target.

Coach Mwape acknowledged that his players looked panicked whenever they were in possession of the ball, resulting in frequent turnovers. The lack of composure in possession contributed to the team’s defensive vulnerabilities, with Japan capitalizing on their mistakes.

“We lacked tactical discipline in our opening match,” Mwape admitted. “There was a lot of panicking each time we were in possession, instead of holding on to the ball, hence giving away possession to the opponents. The girls also lacked tactical discipline.”

However, despite the disappointing start, Coach Mwape believes there is still hope for the Copper Queens. He emphasized the need to address the team’s mistakes and improve tactical discipline, especially in the midfield area. Additionally, the defense will require patching to better involve the attacking players who were not actively engaged in the game against Japan due to a lack of supply.

With the upcoming match against Spain, who showcased their strength with a 3-0 victory over Costa Rica, Zambia faces another formidable opponent. The Copper Queens will need to regroup and return to the drawing board, addressing the issues that hindered their performance in their World Cup debut.

While the defeat may have been a setback, Coach Mwape’s belief in his team’s ability to bounce back and compete in the tournament remains unwavering. The journey for Zambia’s women’s national team has just begun, and they have the chance to show their resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

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