Matomola Likwanya
Matomola Likwanya



While Zambia is hosting a democracy summit and important delegates are thronging into the country, Zambians online were on Wednesday redirected to cocktails and cuisines of insults never heard before .

This was after Lily Mutamz Tv 40 who is based in the United Kingdom, threw several subliminal jabs at Singer Yo Maps Yo and the wife Kidist kifle

The two didn’t take the matter lightly but left peoples’ mouths ajar when they read well concocted unprintables directed at the UK based self proclaimed singer and youth activist’s post on Kiddists page .

Maps and Kiddist were recently married and it appears they are sticking to their vows ‘for better for worse’ or simply put … (In good times and in insults I will stand by your side).

While Kiddist was launching well baked insults under Mutambo (Mutamz) posts the husband in dreadlocks was in the background underscoring and backing his thick manana.

Kiddist has however deleted all the posts on her platform.

Rumors suggest that she was scared of being sued, because Mutamz has allegedly been accused of always running to court.

She previously sued Ivanka Bianca when she alleged that she gave people rotten egges in her bid to run for the Munali Parliamentary Seat in 2021.

Her recent post suggest that she could sue Maps when he told Chellah Tukuta that she almost lured him in bed for a feature with Ed Sheeran.

While the dust seemed to be settling, rulling UPND Lusaka Information and Publicity secretary Hon Matomola Likwanya made a post indicating that” Having a wife who is always picking fights with people on Facebook is stressful, uja guy amusunga che muzimai wa Bana 5 from different.

Even though no names were mentioned , Mutamz felt the post was directed at her .
She went ahead and disclosed how she assisted Matomola when the wife had a miscarriage.

“Matomola when you were homeless I paid your rent! When your wife Vanessa had a miscarriage I paid your hospital bill, when you were arrested me and my husband brought you food and he drove me and gave you cash when you were abandoned by UPND! You would call me asking for help I never hesitated but the moment you saw that I couldn’t be your bank you decided to become my enemy…. I feel sorry for Vanessa she married an evil man that can betray anyone! No wonder her family doesn’t like you!

You have the audacity to insult my husband??” She said.

Although Matomola is known for pocking his nose in business that doesn’t concern him, social media commentators suggested that it was insensitive for Mutamz to mention the issue of miscarriage.

The Author is a Digital Media Specialist
Public Relations Personel and an Investigative Journalist certified by the United States Embassy in Zambia.


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