Colorado police arrest ex-husband of Lauren Boebert


The former husband of Lauren Boebert, who is a Republican politician, was taken into custody after a disagreement with her at a restaurant.

Jayson Boebert got in trouble in Colorado for allegedly attacking someone and causing damage.

The police were looking into a fight at Silt restaurant on Saturday, but they haven’t said if the arrest is related to it.

Lauren and Jayson Boebert got unmarried last year.

The BBC looked at records from jail and found that Mr Boebert was arrested and then let go.

He was the person who called the police after an incident at the restaurant. He said he was a victim of domestic violence during the fight, according to CBS News, who works with the BBC in the US.

Mr Boebert said to the Denver Post that he didn’t plan to accuse anyone, and that he and his former wife were trying to talk about a tough situation.

After hearing that the police were looking into the incident this week, Ms. Boebert said: “I didn’t hit Jayson in the face and no one got arrested. ”

Before Mr Boebert got arrested, she made a statement on Sunday. She said she was talking to a lawyer because people were making up lies about her.

In September, Ms. Boebert was asked to leave a theatre in Denver while watching the musical Beetlejuice because she was accused of causing a disturbance.

When she said sorry for that thing, she mentioned that her hard divorce made her behave that way.

“I admitted to laughing and singing too loudly. ” Boebert said on a platform called X, which used to be called Twitter.

She is the Republican representative for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District and sits in the House of Representatives.

She said she will run for a new job in Colorado in 2024.

On Sunday, she said the restaurant incident was one more reason for her to move.


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