COMPENSATIONS FOR CASES ON NOLLE AND OTHER SPURIOUS CLAIMS…Plunder of national resources through the Attorney General’s Chambers- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba



…Plunder of national resources through the Attorney General’s Chambers…

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba wrote;

The recent compensations being made through consent judgements granted by the Attorney General’s Chambers are criminal and a plunder of national resources.

Most of the cases are on Nolle Prosequi, meaning the cases remain active and can be prosecuted in future. There is no Statute of limitation for criminal offences.

Attorney General, Mulilo Kabesha will be made accountable for facilitating the false compensations and those receiving these pay-outs will be made to refund the money.

1. K450- to Minister of Communications,Transport and Logistics, Frank Tayali.

2. K32million (K6.4million each)-Five UPND arrested for treason with President Hakainde Hichilema over the Mongu incident. The five are; Senior Private Secretary to the President, Wallace Chakawa, son to Chief Hamusonde of Bweengwa, Hamaleka, Pretoria Haloba, Larsson Mulilanduba and Muleya Hachinda. The State entered a Nolle Prosequi.

3. K10m- 10 cadres arrested and accused of burning City Market. Consent Judgement signed by High Court Judge Situmbeko Chocho. The 10 are; Michael Tembo, Njwau Sitali, Mainza Chongo, Mulenga Chileshe, Wonder Nakazuba, David Samba, Biggi Mubanga, Zhyinga Kahjata and James Hambulo. The State entered a Nolle Prosequi.

4. K2.5million to Veronica Mukuni, Fines Malambo, Ackson Sijani, Vincent Lilanda and Javen Simooloka. This was in a matter where the State charged the five for abducting the Hatembos.

Others such as William Banda and others have processed their claims for compensations.


  1. Ubufontini bweka bweka, you abused not only the constitution but also the people you slapped with trumped up charges, not knowing what to do when it was clear they were innocent, you went further abusing the DPP by instructing her to enter nolle.

    Are you stupid? Does that mean those you abused didn’t suffer to deserve compensation? Thunder fire your stupid generation and the one to follow. STUPID IDIOT.


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