….the country could be dealing with a regime that has criminal motives charges Nakacinda.

LUSAKA, Thursday, April 14, 2022 (SMART EAGLES)

THE Patriotic Front (PF) party has charged that the country could be dealing with a regime that has criminal motives.

This is in light of the alleged bribery attempts by Government to have PF sponsored Lusangazi Council Chairperson Patrick Banda withdraw a petition in the Constitutional Court after alleged failed attempts to disfranchise him from contesting an election using lies that he did not have a Grade 12 Certificate.

Speaking at a Media Briefing, Wednesday, PF Information and Publicity Chairperson Raphael Mangani Nakacinda said the party is saddened to learn that State House had allegedly instructed the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) to have Mr Banda’s Certificate confiscated.

Hon Nakacinda said this comes after his Binoculars zoomed into a failed meeting organised by Levy Ngoma, Patrick Mucheleka and Mr Mulambo Haimbe allegedly promising the Lusangazi Council Chairperson K150,000 to have a petition withdrawn.

“This is barely two days after the Political advisor to the President Mr Levy Ngoma, Provincial Minister for Eastern Province, the Permanent Secretary and the District Commissioner went to try and coerce him to withdraw a petition in the Constitutional court and that he be offered money and probably given the position of DC in Katete,” he alleged.

He said the persecution of Mr Banda started prior to the August 12, 2021 elections when news broke out that he was going to be sponsored by the Patriotic Front.
“The first thing was to abduct him, I had to personally hide him. When they realised that they could not stop him, they came back with a lie that he did NOT have a G12 Certificate. He got attacked during the first round of August 12 elections. He got attacked, had his Certificate stolen. He reported to the Police, went to ECZ and paid the requirements to have his Certificate reprinted. The candidate who was not part of the nominations , goes to write a letter to ECZ that he doesn’t have a certificate. They went and abused the Police to have him arrested and pushed the matter to the Margistrate court,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lusangazi Council Chairperson Patrick Banda is demanding to have his Grade 12 Certificate returned to him after it was confiscated by the Examination Council of Zambia as per the instruction alleged to have come from State House.

“Yesterday to my surprise, late in the evening, I was called by the Examination Council trying to find out my whereabouts. We met with a named ECZ Official married to a named Permanent Secretary. She told me that she had received instructions to have my Certificate confiscated. What interest does the Examination Council have in this matter,” he said.

He said the people in Government should have pity for the people of Lusangazi because they need a representative.

“I need my Certificate, I am a Zambian and not a foreigner. It is within my rights to contest , no one should stop me. The issue of Lusangazi has been there from campaign until I won. Does it mean they want to kill opposition,” he said


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