Congolese Community In Zambia Castigates Fred M’membe

Fred M'membe

To the socialist party fred M’membe.

We, the Congolese community living in Zambia, are deeply concerned about the recent actions taken by you , members of a Zambian opposition party.

These actions involved publishing election results from the DRC held on the 20th December 2023.

It is crucial that we uphold the principles of democracy, which include respecting the electoral process and allowing it to unfold in a fair and transparent manner.

The publication of results that are fake, not verified, and unauthorised recipients undermines the integrity of the elections and raises questions about your intentions.

We want to emphasise that we have the option to seek justice through the appropriate legal channels.

We can take necessary immediate action by reaching out to the court to address this issue.

We call upon the government of Zambia to condemn these actions and support our efforts to seek legal recourse.

Together, let us stand united in safeguarding the democratic principles that form the foundation of our nations.

Thank you.”
Congolese community


  1. Fred l like you but try to be consistent, try not to install your own preference on the people, in Zimbabwe you wanted Munagagwa and wanted SADC to say only good things about him, today you have chosen Katumbi and you want SADC to say only bad things about Tsekedi, let the process role out and let SADC do their job, what you are doing is called intefearance in the electoral process, let it pan out and then let SADC tell us the full story, not the Mmembe story, they are on the ground sir, you are not, l still like you but let the process pan out

  2. Fred M’membe considers himself the best judge of everything political. He never for one minute thinks that it’s possible for democracy to produce an outcome he may not like. He wants to have the last word on everything.

  3. Thats how mad this Tax and Pension thief Fuledi Manyengo Mmembe is. He thinks he is the best in politics and wants to be appointing presidents everywhere.
    What an illusion, which is only likely to send Fuledi into madness cos it will never happen. This is for the Congolese not Fuledi to choose their leader. He has no business to a leader for our neighbourhood. This is how mad this Nyengo fella who is claiming to be Bemba.
    Everyone is now seeing his foolishness!!


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