Congolese traders stone police after Zambian truck drivers stop them from entering the country


CONGOLESE traders are now throwing stones at police officers who are trying to calm the situation happening at Kasumbalesa border post, following a sitting protest by Zambian truck drivers who have denied going into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) because of harassment being faced.

The truck drivers in doing a sitting protest have blocked walking traders from the DRC, who in return have now started throwing stones towards police officers who are trying to apply Law and order in the area.

Copperbelt Province Commanding officer Sharon Zulu said the security status at Kasumbalesa is quite hostile, despite security wings monitoring the happenings in which truck drivers have continued their sitting protest.

Ms Zulu said the area is facing challenges,because the tucks parked by drivers have gone as far as riverside check point towards Chingola, a situation which is not safe because any criminal will take advantage by trying to steal from the goods in the trucks.

She has however, said police are patrolling the area to ensure that the trucks are not tampered with.

“Coming to the happening at the border right now , we have a situation where by the Zambian side which is called no man’s land has been blocked, so trucks coming from DRC are not supposed to enter Zambia as it is the case also for trucks going into DRC.

We also have an extra stretch where now the Zambian side, truck drivers have blocked parts for people trading who walk in through using the paths and so the Congolese coming into the country to trade are blocked,” she said.

Ms Zulu said that to retaliate with being blocked by the truck drivers, the traders are stoning police officers who are trying to contain the situation at Kasumbalesa border post.

“Surprisingly, the Congolese traders continue to throw stones even to the police at Kasumbalesa police post. As police we are not stopping traders to come into Zambia, but Zambian truck drivers do not want the traders,” she said.

She has stated that the police only want to ensure peace and safety is maintained as the drivers do their sitting protest.



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