Congratulations, New Dawn Government! You’ve Birthed A Monster You Can’t Handle- Edwin Lifwekelo

Edwin Lifwekelo
Edwin Lifwekelo


Lusaka Province…..6th November 2023

In these most spectacular times of political change, where the emergence of a “New Dawn Government” typically signals a utopia in governance, our current situation unveils a different reality. This new entity that was supposed to bring about positive change is hilariously nurturing a monster that’s as unmanageable as a bull in a china shop.

So, with a laundry list of promises and manifestos, the New Dawn Government rode into the public sphere on a wave of expectations. We, the optimistic citizens, expecting better governance, socio-economic stability, and transformative reforms, gazed at this new leadership with the kind of hope usually reserved for fairy tales. However, in their pursuit of power and change, they’ve accidentally brewed a potion of issues now spiraling out of control.

Whoa, kudos to the New Dawn Government! Their strategies, meant to bring us all together, are doing a stellar job in fanning the flames of division. Forget about bridging gaps; their policies and stories have managed to open chasms wider than the Grand Canyon, spreading discord and divisiveness like confetti at a party.

Oh, but please, the UPND government should be taking a bow for their impressive work! They shouldn’t assume we’ll just sit back and enjoy the show as they turn this country upside down. Nope, not happening.

Why bother following the rules when you can just shake them up and break them in the quest for a one-party state? Oh, we see your plans, and they’re about as transparent as a brick wall. Nice try, but that won’t fly either.

Remember those once-hopeful citizens? Yeah, they’re now dangling on the edge of disillusionment. The force that was supposed to lead us to a land of transformation has instead created a minefield of chaos.

New Dawn Government, perhaps you should throw a parade to celebrate the monster you’ve been fostering. How about admitting to your boo-boos, rethinking your strategies, and giving inclusivity a try? It’s what all the cool governments are doing these days.

The road to redemption demands a bit of soul-searching, a pinch of humility, and a genuine commitment to fixing the mess you’ve made. Before this monster you’ve brewed becomes a Godzilla of societal destruction, how about taking some responsibility?

Oh, but guess what? The New Dawn Government stands at a crossroads. They’ve got a choice: keep nurturing the Frankenstein’s monster they’ve accidentally created or actually do something about it and steer the nation back to the promised land of progress.

And let’s not forget, the responsibility here isn’t just in identifying the monster but in taking the necessary actions to wrangle it before it runs amok. Because, you know, Zambia deserves a little better than this circus.


Edwin Lifwekelo

Acting PF Media Director


  1. Do you PF guys even have a conscience? If UPND has given birth to a monster, it is because they conceived after being brutally raped by PF. If the Zambian people are in near disillusionment, it is because PF messed up the economy so much and left a near insurmountable debt burden. A PF that has refused to even
    acknowledge or apologize for all the tribal division they sowed right up to election time asks UPND to soul search over divisions in the country!!

  2. Lifwekelo just concentrate on fixing your intra party squabbles. When you were in power you were concentrating on bally lol. Very dull indeed. In opposition you are concentrating on bally, very dull indeed. Look at you now, you lost elections and at the moment slowly losing your party. You don’t learn ka. Very low standards.


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