A LUSAKA youth has observed that some disgruntled politicians have ganged up to fight those providing checks and balances to PF.

Dillon Mayangwa, a businessman, says there are people who have failed in their political lives and have sold out to the regime.

In an interview, he said “it is these same people” who have contributed to rotten political leadership in the country.

“I am very well aware of those politicians who have come together to fight those who are providing checks and balances to the PF leaders. Most of them are bitter,” he said. “When I talk of visionary consistent leaders, I am referring to serious politicians who know what they stand for. Leaders like HH (Hakainde Hichilema), Fred M’membe and Andyford Banda. As Zambians, look at these three men carefully, we are surely not short of a messiah. Zambia’s problems are man-made and can only be fixed with good leadership.”

And reacting to PF chairperson for legal affairs Brian Mundubile’s claim that the current economic position is genuine and that those in the opposition do not have a solution, Mayangwa said people’s intelligence should not be insulted by those who have failed to manage the country’s affairs.

He said if the PF have failed to govern and manage the economy, they should give the mantle to others.

Mayangwa stressed that the country was not in short supply of good leaders.

“We know PF is blinded by the power in their heads and the monies in their pockets which they have amassed in last 10 years such that they now feel there is no one who can come and fix the mess they have created. But, well, the sad news for them is that Zambia is bigger than PF, Zambia is greater than the mess they have created,” he said.

“Zambia is far wealthier than the resources they have mismanaged and we have consistent visionary leaders with a plan that can turn around the nation’s fortunes. When I say consistent, I don’t mean those politicians who change goal posts due to personal gains or to suit themselves.”

He reminded the PF to just accept that they have messed up the country.

“Whatever honourable Mundubile was trying to justify is totally unacceptable and he should be ashamed of himself. PF just need to accept they have messed up Zambia – them as PF, the God fearing government led by the humble God fearing President – and stop involving others who despite been labelled bitter losers tried their best to warn them of their reckless spending,” Mayangwa said.

He said the August poll would not be about the red and the green but Zambians against the PF.

“What will motivate Zambians in this election is the food on the table. Is it affordable? Education, employment for the youths, and money in people’s pockets, among other needs. Civil servants must ask themselves on whether they are happy or scared to be fired by cadres,” said Mayangwa. “For the farmers they need a man that will come and support the agriculture sector with good policies that would guarantee food security in the country. How do you explain a situation where a cadre at Levy Mall has an export permit for maize yet a commercial farmer in Mkushi can’t access the permit?”


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