Construction on Lusaka-Ndola Road Set to Begin in July- RDA

ROAD Development Agency (RDA)

The Road Development Agency (RDA) has announced that the Concessionaire awarded the contract for the Lusaka-Ndola road will begin construction works by July of this year. The Acting Chief Executive Officer of RDA, Grace Mutembo, revealed that the concessionaire, Macro Ocean Investment Consortium, will initiate preliminary work on the existing alignment while working towards achieving financial closure.

In addition to the main road construction, the consortium will also undertake the construction of bypass roads in Kabwe and Kapiri Mposhi. Furthermore, they will rehabilitate 45 kilometers of the Luanshya-Fisenge-Masangano road. Ms. Mutembo emphasized that the concession period spans twenty-five years, comprising three years for construction and twenty-two years for operations and maintenance.

To ensure the smooth progress and quality of the road works, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development, led by Minister Charles Milupi, will establish a monitoring committee. This committee will oversee the entire construction process, from the rehabilitation phase to the completion of the project. Minister Milupi explained that this measure aims to assess the contractor’s performance over the three-year construction period and the subsequent twenty-two years of maintenance.

The Lusaka-Ndola road is not only considered a significant investment but also an asset that is expected to fuel economic development in the country. Minister Milupi emphasized the importance of the road, assuring that detours would be created to facilitate the flow of traffic while the construction work progresses.

In a bid to promote local participation, Minister Milupi further revealed that the contractor is required to subcontract 20 percent of the project to local companies. He urged interested firms to position themselves to take part in this transformative endeavor.

The Lusaka-Ndola road project holds immense potential to improve transportation infrastructure and drive economic growth. With the concessionaire scheduled to commence work in July, stakeholders eagerly anticipate the positive impact this development will have on the region.


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