Controversy over manipulated Royal Family portrait not far-fetched – Experts

photo issued on Sunday, March 10, 2024, by Kensington Palace shows Kate, Princess of Wales with her children, Prince Louis, left, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The Royal Family released a photo of Princess Diana and her children, but instead of making people feel better, it made them worried about her.

The picture on Mother’s Day caused a lot of talk because some news sources took it back and said it might have been changed with a computer.

Eventually, the retractions happened after a lot of talk on social media about where Catherine was and how she was doing. This was after she spent two weeks in the hospital for surgery in January. She hadn’t been seen in public since Christmas Day.

The little differences in the photo of Princess Charlotte, Catherine, and Prince Louis may not seem important, but experts say it’s okay for people to feel worried about it.

“In these strange times when anything can be changed with technology, it makes people feel paranoid. This is what Jeffrey Dvorkin, an expert in media ethics at the University of Toronto, told the media on Monday”

Catherine later said on social media that she, like many new photographers, sometimes tries out different ways of editing photos.

“I’m sorry if the family photo we posted yesterday caused any confusion,” the message said.

Dvorkin thinks she did the right thing by saying she changed the photo, but it makes people trust digital media even less.

The problem with her being so honest is that now people are questioning what else she might be hiding or lying about.

The Princess of Wales is not the only person who has changed or edited a family photo. Photographers, famous people, and regular people have been changing photos for a long time to make them look better.

Brett Caraway, a social media expert at the University of Toronto, said that anyone who uses filtered profile pictures is trying to show themselves in a different way.

But, the problem is that Kate is well known and works in a place that wants to control what people think and say about its members.

“I believe the main thing people are wondering about is why the picture was changed. Was it just to make the portrait look better. Or was it to possibly change the story going around about her health.” “And that’s a reasonable question. ”

Almost anyone can use tools to change or make fake images and use them to trick people. Anyone who looks at media online can easily be fooled by false information.

Caraway said that the world we live in today is very influenced by media. “We see the world through screens all the time, which affects how we understand what’s real. ” We learn about things in the world using the internet, unless it’s close to us. It’s really important to make sure that the way something is shown matches the way it actually is.

Institutions and leaders, like the Royal Family, should be honest about the pictures they use, or they could lose the trust of the public.

“It makes us doubt and distrust the idea that there is anyone we can rely on. ” “That’s the worst part of what’s happening,” Dvorkin said. “It makes people unsure. ”

According to Richard Berthelsen, who talks about the Royals on the media, the journalists and media groups that cover the Royal Family will also need to trust Buckingham Palace.

“The palace needs to be believable so that the media will trust what they say in the future,” Berthelsen told the media on Monday.

“They need to be more cautious. ” They need to work together more on that. They might need to ask the media to come and take a picture in certain situations.


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