The Lilian Kapusana led Copperbelt Women today warned President Lungu and his new found Political friend Edith Nawakwi that they will not manage to stop President Hakainde Hichilema from filling in his nominations and any form of attack on him will be handled with the form it deserves.

Speaking at the press briefing Kitwe District Vice Chairlady Mrs Samoma reminded Nawakwi and Lungu that they are not relatives to the Hatembos and that the Courts of law have already given the verdict on the Farm issue. She further reminded Nawakwi that the owners of the farm and those that sold the farm have already stated their position on the farm and that there was no illegality committed in the process.

Mrs Samoma said Women were ready to repeat the 1986 Naked Protest if that is what will make President Lungu reverse his undemocratic behavior to arrest his main competitor President Hakainde Hichilema who happens to be the favourite of every voter in the coming elections. She added that by now Nawakwi could have been a marriage counselor but it’s unfortunate that she is behaving like a kid.

Mrs Samoma further said the behaviour of PF where by they have confined President Hakainde Hichilema to his home by closing both the airspace and roads is very primitive and has to come to an end as president Hakainde is a free citizen of this nation who can use any form of transport.

She added that this was the last time the Copperbelt Women were addressing the Press in the Province. The next one is in Lusaka if Nawakwi and President Lungu continued on their undemocratic path.

At the same Presser, Nkana Constituency Chairlady, Barbara Mushabati who spoke in Lozi warned President Lungu and the PF that the persecuting of Lozis on politically motivated charges will not be entertained. This was in reference to the current accusations on Mubita Nawa’s fake doctored video and the recently arrests of Sesheke MP Romeo Kangombe both from Western Province.

She called on the People of Western Province to stand for their children in Politics as they also deserve leadership in the governance of this Nation.

Another Woman Ms Banda Esnart from Luanshya also added her voice. She said that the high cost of living is too much and is not selective. She stated that she is from Eastern Province just like President Lungu but she is facing difficulties to feed her family. She warned President Lungu and Edith Nawakwi to stop troubling President Hakainde Hichilema because every mother is looking to President Hakainde Hichilema to come and lower the cost of living so that mothers can afford food for their families.

In concluding the Presser, the Copperbelt Women Chairlady Mrs Kapusana Lilian stated that President Lungu must respect Women as they are the ones who feel the pain when giving birth. She said the Women in the Copperbelt will not allow President Lungu and Nawakwi to trouble President Hakainde Hichilema anymore. She said the next address will be in Lusaka where they will undress so that President Lungu and Nawakwi can see that the Women are not happy with their behaviour.

There is a saying that “Women give life and so to put the most private symbols of motherhood into the public arena is to negate that life and to say those in power are dead to society.”

Therefore we call for President Lungu and Nawakwi to stop their undemocratic behaviour and plans to arrest President Hakainde Hichilema so that peace prevails in our Nation.

Issued by//

Bertha Simama
Provincial Women
Vice IPS



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