Cornelius Mweetwa
Cornelius Mweetwa

CHOMA – 07/05/21

Choma Central member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa yesterday apologised to headmen in Siasikabole area for the desperaging remarks he allegedly issued against them.

Mr Mweetwa told the headmen in Siasikabole under Chief Cooma’s area that his actions bordered on mischief hence his realisation on the need to apologise as a way of creating harmony between political and traditional leaders.

He told the headmen which included senior headman Siasikabole that he is aware of the discussions of anger being exhibited by the traditional leadership and felt duty bound and compelled to publicly apologise to the aggrieved people.

He added that it became imperative for him to apologise because the PF was trying to take advantage of the perceived differences between himself and the traditional leadership to create an impression that the leadership in the area was up in arms against the party.

And in accepting the apology,Senior Headman Siasikabole said his council of headmen have looked at the bigger picture and accepted the lawmaker’s apology.

The meeting was attended by Choma Mayor Javan Simoloka,Constituency and District Party officials.



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