Choma Central UPND Member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa has been condemned for disrespecting Vice President Inonge Wina by calling her shallow and shameful.

Authentic Advocate for Justice and Democracy Public Relations Director Samuel Banda tells Smart Eagles via telephone that his organization is disappointed and saddened with Mr. Mweetwa with the way he attacked Her Honor the Vice President Mrs. Wina’s character.

Mr. Banda says the Vice President deserves respect from every citizen regardless of their ethnic background, political or religious affiliation.

“The Vice President is not just the leader of this country but she is also a mother of the nation, hence she deserves respect from every well meaning Zambian citizens,” he said.

“Zambian people should not trust people who do not respect their elders. It is worth noting that respect is both a virtue and value everyone must strive to practice. Disrespect of national leaders and elderly in society is not only alien to the African culture, unZambian, but also unacceptable in a Christian nation like Zambia.”

He added that it is sad that the MP has also refused to take responsibility for what he did by failing to apologise to the Vice President.

“What kind of a leader is he if he can’t apologize for doing something wrong? To be a truly effective leader, you must lead by example. True leaders do not disrespect their team but support each other,” he stated.

“As Authentic Advocate for Justice and Democracy we urge those abusing the freedom of expression and the media by persistently attacking the character of their leaders to desist from doing so. Yes we have the freedom of expression but we should know how and when to express ourselves and in a respectable manner,” said Mr. Banda. -SMART EAGLES


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