Mweetwa’s Desperate Campaign to Replace Chushi Embarrassing
By Antonio Mourinho Mwanza

Cornelius Mweetwa’s desperate campaign to replace Chushi Kasanda as Minister of information and Media is becoming embarrassing and ridiculous.

The statements coming from him lately, starting with the botched teacher recruitment, the skyrocketing cost of living, the budget failure and today’s statement on the disappointing maize floor price are totally devoid of merit, logic and sincerity and are quite ridiculous and very embarrassing.

We all agree that ba Chushi is not equal to the task but it’s sad to see a fine brother like Comrade Mweetwa undoing himself in his quest to replace her as Minister of information. It’s not necessary bululu!

Oh by the way, it’s now becoming really boring for you guys to be using PF PF PF PF as an excuse for your lies, failure and incompetence, take responsibility and provide solutions; leadership is all about providing solutions to the challenges your people are facing! Kwamana!


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