Corruption forces PF Chipangali MP to join UPND


Corruption forces PF Chipangali MP to join UPND

These are a fleet of very expensive vehicles which “President” Andrew Lubusha (as he prefers to be called) owned during his happy PF days. For example he has this Range Rover which is customized and his name is embedded on it. These expensive vehicles are part of the many properties Lubusha amassed during PF. But shortly after UPND formed government, Lubusha was visited by Law Enforcement Agencies over his unexplained properties. All of them have been grabbed from him.

However, he is part of the beneficiaries of feeder roads contracts during PF. It is said he also obtained various payments in feeder road contracts but did not deliver works.

Meanwhile, Lubusha is seeking for protection in UPND administration so that his cases of suspected proceeds of crime and corruption can be swept under the carpet by UPND.

During PF, Lubusha was a small god in Eastern Province. He banned Johabe Bus Services from operating in the Eastern route because the owner was a party member of UPND.

Andrew Lubusha behaved like he owned Edgar Lungu in PF. He was very powerful in Eastern and more powerful than public service office bearers such as Police, OP, DCs and many others. In fact, he would personally transfer anyone he considered inimical to his personal interest.

UPND are set to welcome and embrace Lubusha because they want him to stand in Chipangali as their MP in 2026. Chipangali remains underdeveloped because Lubusha is busy trying to find a loophole in the ruling party so that they can help him kill his corruption cases and therefore, retain all his properties back which as suspected to be proceeds of crime.

-The Candidates


  1. A lepard doesnt change its skin….Let ACC do its work. If he got money and didnt do the work. Prosecute. Getting the cars doesnt mean he has served the crime. The state has just got what belongs to them.
    People use political office to not serve time in jail for the crimes they comit.

    This is exactly what the Swedish Ambasador alluded to. These are public resources that have been abused. Its these acts that detract investment and investors. Its these acts that take away from the People of Zambia. Kids sitting on the floot while a clique were swiming in luxury that was not theirs. Cage them so that the law speaks to them.

    Another is the Savenda man. What happened to that case? Dig up his case. What happened?

    Law efforcement officers that fail to do their work should too be held accountable for derilication of duty. They should not be used to cover up. They should infact point out those asking them to cover up….
    Political office is not a status symbol….


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