NATIONAL Revolution Party leader Cosmo Mumba is demanding K1 million in damages from social media blogger Chitambala Mwewa commonly known as Simon Mwewa Lane for calling him a dog and that he is a broke political leader.

Dr Mumba in an interview said he has given Mr Mwewa a seven-day period to pay the said amount or he shall take him to court.

Dr Mumba said the demand for damages was arising out of insulting, defamatory and demeaning language used against him.

He said on several dates, Mr Mwewa repeatedly defamed him using his television network called “Simon Mwewa Television” and other social media platforms.

He stated that Mr Mwewa in his social media videos said he was broke and that he cannot afford to pay anyone a K5, 000. This was after the court issued a bench warrant for Mr Mwewa and he pledged a K5, 000 to who ever could find and arrest him.

Dr Mumba said the words meant to the public that as a leader of a political party, he was so broke that he couldn’t afford to pay K5, 000.

“Naturally citizens cannot entrust me with the presidency because I am broke, that’s what he meant. He also said on another day and published that I was a dog with a tail between my legs. Where is Cosmo Mumba today? A lost little puppy with his tail between his legs.’ this implies that I was a child of a dog, and a dog with a tail,” Dr Mumba said.

Dr Mumba also said, on unknown dates, Mr Mwewa published words saying he should not be allowed anywhere near President Hakainde Hichilema, that he could poison him.

“These words implies that I am a murderer capable of murdering the President and this can make the general public deduce that am a murderer. Further you published another article titled Simon Mwewa Lane opposes Lusaka City Council’s decision to name a road after Cosmo Mumba,” he said.

He said Mr Mwewa said Lusaka City Council will make a blunder if they want to do so otherwise Lusaka will be full of roads named after trouble makers and political jokers.

Dr Mumba has warned Mr Mwewa to pay K1 million for the damages he caused before seven days elapse or he risk being arrested. -Daily Nation


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