Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC)


The Drug Enforcement Commission DEC has urged the public to be on high alert of over $2m counterfeit dollars believed to be hidden unscruplous people.

The Commission has so far arrested three people for being in possession of $390,300 counterfeit dollars.

DEC Director General NASON BANDA says the three include two Chingola based businessmen, who were found with $311,700 Counterfeit dollars and one in Lusaka who was found with $78,600 counterfeit dollars.

And the Commission has forfeited to the state three earth moving machines and three Toyota land cruisers worth over 10-point 1-million kwacha that were seized from people who acquired them through proceeds of crime.

Addressing the media in Lusaka Mr. BANDA, however, could not name the people involved saying the commission is still carrying out investigations on other properties.

Mr. BANDA said the focus for the Commission is to recover resources from people who are willing to give back the assets.

He also told journalists that the Commission in Southern Province has arrested two males for trafficking in 66 boxes of Benylin with codeine cough syrup.

Mr. BANDA said the two suspects were intercepted at the Kazungula one stop border as they were coming from Botswana.

He said a Volvo Truck registration number BLA 9699 and a Fuso Truck registration number BAT 9327 that were carrying the contraband were intercepted and a manhunt has been launched for one of the drivers who is on the run.

Meanwhile, Mr. BANDA said two females have been arrested in Lusaka for trafficking in 68 point one Kilogrames and 68 point 8 Kilograms of high grade cannabis.

Mr. BANDA said the suspects are in Police custody and will appear in court soon.



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