Country is at war with moral decay – Nalumango


Country is at war with moral decay – Nalumango

FOLLOWING a rise in Sodomy cases and homosexuality, vice President Mutale Nalumango says the country is at war which can only be fought spiritually.

Nalumango who is also acting President therefore called on the church to be gate keepers to mitigate the moral decay which has characterised the country lately and take their position as men and women of God.

Speaking during the State-Church Dialogue held at Government House in Lusaka today, Nalumango said the church should give spiritual guidance and stand united in fighting homosexuality through prayers and counsel.

“The church should build an intentional and purposeful message to grossly condemn these acts in the country. you are aware that in history, sodomy was used as a dehumanising weapon against weaker members of the male society.”

“It was both a physical and spiritual punishment. with this realisation, I request the church to stand with a united voice to spiritually fight any form of attack against our declared christian nation,” Nalumango said.

And the church who spoke in unison reaffirmed their stance against homosexuality and stated that even if Government was to change its mind against homosexuality they would still remain unshaken.

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia Executive Director Andrew Mwenda thanked Government for standing firm again homosexuality. However, he called on police to be proactive and act quickly in situations where acts of homosexuality are reported.

Mwenda disclosed that the police have not been proactive in handling the stated matter.

Meanwhile, Mwenda implored the public not to treat people involved in the vice any less human stating no one is born a homosexual but it is a decision arrived through perversion.

Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops Secretary General Francis Mukosa re-echoed the church’s stance to working with government in mitigate homosexuality saying it is a disorder which should not be condoned.

Fr Mukosa said the public should not criminalise the perpotaraitors of such vices as they need help to come out of that disorder with the assurance that the church is there for them as a mother that helps them convert from their perverse nature.

He clarified “if they have broken the law they should be punished.”

And Independent Churches of Zambia President David Masupa said Government in collaboration with the church should organised media forums to reemphasise national values and principles as a method to curbing the moral decay.

Meanwhile, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church has urged politicians to stay away from the issue of homosexuality because it is not a political matter.

SDA North Zambia Union Conference President Tommy Namitondo said homosexuality is a moral issue which should be left to the church to fight it spiritually.


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