Couple who threw their two infants to deaths executed in China


China killed a man and a woman who threw two children out of a window and caused their deaths.

Zhang Bo and Ye Chengchen were found guilty of killing a two-year-old girl and one-year-old boy in 2020. Zhang Bo is the father of the children.

Zhang started cheating on his wife with Ye. After that, he divorced his wife and planned to kill his children.

China’s highest court said the couples were very mean and used cruel methods.

The couple was killed in the city of Chongqing on Wednesday. It’s not known how the person was put to death, but in China, most death sentences are carried out by lethal injection or a firing squad.

Zhang started a relationship with Ye without telling her that he was married or had kids. Despite finding out the truth, Ye still chose to be with him, according to the court.

After Zhang ended his marriage with his wife in February 2020, Ye still thought of their two children as something that made it difficult for her to marry Zhang and as a problem for their future life together.

Ye kept telling Zhang that they would kill someone, and they planned to make it look like an accident. The court found out about this. On November 2, 2020, Zhang dropped his children from the 15th floor of his apartment.

The news that they were killed spread quickly on a popular Chinese social media site called Weibo, getting hundreds of millions of people to look at it.

“One Weibo comment, which got more than 30 thousand likes, said that they deserve it for their crime. ”

“I hope the kids have a happy and peaceful next life,” another person writes.

Chen Meilin, the mother of the two kids, said on Thursday evening that “a bad dream that bothered our family for over three years is finally gone”.

More news came on the same day about Wu Xieyu, a student from a top university who was executed for killing his mother with a dumbbell in 2015.


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