Court Hears How Naked Woman Was Found Outside Her Married Ex-boyfriend’s House Allegedly Conducting Prayers



A magistrate heard how a naked woman was found outside her married ex-boyfriend’s house after 01:00hours purportedly conducting ‘prayers’.

A woman narrated that she was shocked to find her husband’s ex-lover naked outside her house despite the fact that her husband obtained a restraining order against her.

Hope Chinyimba, 33, a teacher, testified that the woman in question, Mainess Mumba, was later give a thigh cling and top to wear before being interrogated over her presence an odd hours of the morning.
In this matter, Ms Mumba has sued Ms Chinyimba and her husband Burton Musonda, 38, for assault which allegedly occurred on March 20, 2023.

The couple pleaded not guilty.
In her testimony, Ms Mumba, the complainant in the matter, narrated that the couple assaulted her around 01:30hours in Chelstone Obama.

Ms Mumba, who admitted having had a relationship with Mr Musonda which ended, said she was beaten after she had concluded conducted prayers at crossroads area after she received a ‘revelation’.

Lusaka magistrate Trevor Kasanda later found the couple with a case to answer and placed them on their defence.

Presenting her defence, Ms Chinyimba produced a video in which the couple was querying Ms Mumba what she was doing outside their house plus an audio in which a witchdoctor was informing her how Ms Mumba asked him to either kill or make her run mad so that she can get her husband.

In the video, Ms Mumba was kneeling, wearing a thigh cling and breast holder at the couple’s veranda while being asked what she was doing at the house.

Ms Chinyimba is heard asking the lady why she was found naked and that she should be ashamed to be bathing in charms.

The court also heard a phone conversation between Ms Chinyimba and a witchdoctor telling the accused that the complainant sought his services to make her mad or kill her.

The witchdoctor is heard saying how she observed that Ms Mumba had a bad heart and that his services were not in line with her agenda.

In cross examination, Ms Chinyimba, whose lawyer is Petronella Kafumbe for Legal Aid, informed the court that she was surprised to see Ms Mumba, naked, outside her house because there was a restraining order against her.

She also vehemently denied assaulting the complainant. Defence continued on November 20 this year.



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