COURT REVOKES BENCH WARRANT ISSUED AGAINST AMB. EMMANUEL MWAMBA……court orders his passport to be surrendered to the Senior Clerk of Court



……court orders his passport to be surrendered to the Senior Clerk of Court.

Lusaka-Thursday,8th February 2024

The Lusaka Magistrate Court has revoked the bench warrant that was issued on 31st January 2024 against Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba.

This was after Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba returned from the United States and presented himself before Court.

Amb. Mwamba apologized to the court for his absence as he was advised by his lawyers that he could travel as his matter would be adjourned since the lawyers were committed in the High Court with another matter.

Mwamba also stated that as soon as he learnt of the bench warrant issued against him, he cut short his trip and flew back to Zambia on his own volition to clear the misunderstanding that had risen over his absence.

He said he would seek permission of court if he were to travel outside jurisdiction.

Magistrate Trevor Kasanda ruled that he had given Mwamba a benefit of doubt and discharged the warrant of arrest that was issued against him.

And Mwamba’s sureties; Mufulira MP, Hon. Golden Mwila and Msanzala MP, Hon. Elias Daka apologized to Court that they didn’t inform the Court over the absence of the accused.

Magistrate Kasanda revoked the bench warrant and gave Mwamba the benefit of doubt following his explanation.

He also reminded the lawyers that authority for the accused to be in court could only be waivered by the court and that the set dates for court hearing must not be disturbed.

And the State applied to vary conditions of Police Bond for Amb. Mwamba.

The State applied that Mwamba’s passport must be deposited in court and other stiffer conditions included.

The State also alleged that Amb. Mwamba was a flight risk.

But counsel for Mwamba, Makebi Zulu from Makebi Zulu and Advocates objected to the application stating that the allegation that Mwamba was a flight risk was malicious as demonstrated by his presence in court.

Magistrate Kasanda also dismissed assertions that Mwamba was a flight risk but ordered his passport to be surrendered to the Senior Clerk of Court so that if he intended to travel the court would be part of the decision.


  1. The court should now cite his lawyer for misleading his client and costing the court its time. We speak of accountability. Here is an occassion to show the court isnt about “willy nelly”.
    In fact Mwamba is one of those people that are very loud and critical. The senior clerk of the court needs to show Mwamba as his own statement cant be verified whether he lied or not.


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