Courts acquits Kambwili of defamation

BRAND new PF cadre Chishimba Kambwili today received the first benefit of his defection to ruling party after the court acquitted him of the charge of Defamation of the President.

In the matter, Kambwili at the height of stardom in the opposition ranks had alleged that President Lungu and Valden Findley were using the Presidential Jet to courier drugs.

But when the matter came before Magistrate Felix Kaoma’s court, Private Prosecutor Emmanuel Mwansa begged the court to release the legal rope on Kambwili’s neck as Zambia was a Christian nation and Kambwili had reconciled with the people he allegedly defamed.

However, in a bizzare twist, Kambwili’s defence lawyer Keith Mweemba whom he hired when he was in the opposition objected to the request for his client to be acquitted saying Section 88 (b) Chapter 88 of the Laws of Zambia which allows for an accused persons to be acquitted despite having been put his defence does not apply to cases which were under private prosecution.

Mweemba’s argument sent fear and goose bumps on the former Roan lawmaker and his supporters that the case may proceed to conviction.

However, the court dismissed Mweemba’s argument and acquitted his client.



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